Tuesday, 3 March 2015

NaNoRenO 2015 - Early Development

So, my main project is on pause for this month, just because I really wanted to take part in NaNoRenO!

My game is called New Pisces and it's definitely interactive fiction - I wouldn't call it a visual novel, but it's a short story with audio and visual aspects!

It's now day 3 of nano (it is a month long game jam more here: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=30252 ) and so far I've been working on a bit of everything.

The concept is just about done (I still have a bit of thinking to do about one of the routes), I've made a few BGs, I haven't planned to make any character sprites (I shouldn't need any for my story) - so that's a big weight off my shoulders! and I've finished the programming and most of the music! Well that will change when I get to testing I'm sure.

I'm taking on pretty much all of the work solo, I'm hoping to convince a few friends to create some assets and do playtesting though. The whole game will be in the 10-30 min range I believe, so the scope isn't too large.

first attempt at writing the code in ren'py
First attempt at writing the code in ren'py
I've had a few small hurdles to overcome so far. Parsing the script failed! And my audio production software has just crashed on me!

But I've got a currently working, albeit sparse, version of the game.

Minimal design - set to change
Minimal design - set to change!
Of course there will be more snags to come ( some of which probably due to my unconventional screen resolution for the game - 720x720 :S )

more errors!
More errors!
One thing I've certainly learned so far, don't try to put a % inside a string of dialogue unless you escape it out (I just opted for the word percent - which also works!)

OK. Back to the audio assets.

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