Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 1 - Making a game in Ren'Py

I've started working on a new game today, with the working title 404pizza. From the concept I have it will be some blend of VN adventure Rpg. I haven't so far completed and released a game, but that is certainly my aim this time around. I'll also be blogging about it which will encourage me to make progress every day.

Screen shot of first days code in ren'py
Image 1

To start I installed the latest build of Ren'Py (http://www.renpy.org) , a popular VN engine, and created a new project. Selecting a beautiful preset colour theme:

Screen shot showing pastel colour theme of game in ren'py
Image 2

I then wrote a few lines (see image 1) with only a couple of small errors. Bugs fixed.

2 Design 3 Tech 2 Bugs

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