Saturday, 6 December 2014

Day 6 - Character sketches for game

I'll be making a selection of sprites for the main characters in my games, showing different expressions. This is an area where I have practically no experience, so the whole process will likely take a lot of trial and error and some compromises.

Today I've practiced drawing twin tails on a character from my sketch book, in my mind the character will only have a small part in the game, but will still require a few expressions. It's always better to have too many expressions and not use one rather than finding yourself needing an expression you haven't made.

Initial character sketches
Initial character sketches
The one on the top is my first attempt at drawing the hairstyle. I decided to spend a bit more time drawing another altered example on better paper (just in case I fluked a great drawing - I didn't). Now I'll be drawing the character another 10 or so times until I'm happy. When I've settled on a design I'll draw it again on good paper ready to photograph or scan and work on further in photoshop elements.

I got the technique for the hairstyle from Mark Crilley
- I've only been drawing since the summer and his videos have been incredibly helpful.

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