Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 12 - Work on the project every day

I'll be doing some work on my game project every day, I might have to start doing a weekly blog as time goes on and I have more work to do on weekdays, but I'm making a real conscious effort to always do something to further my game even if I only have a small window of time.

This is one of those days where time hasn't allowed for much work on the project. I would technically class taking a few minutes to think about any aspect of the game development as working, but I'm committing to producing something tangible every day even if it doesn't make it to the final game.

So I made a new sound effect.

It was a sample of my voice which I timestretched, pitched down a semitone, duplicated and offset by a very small amount, running through delay and bitcrusher. It may be a fair bit quieter than the other FX I've made, but that could work well in the game possibly, if not and I still want to use it i'll re-import and boost the gain.

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