Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day 11 - A font, a new resolution and typewriter effect for Ren'Py

I was reading a blog post by a game developer ( ) which mentioned a nice font and provided a link to dafont - - I took a look to see if I could find something I liked.

After a little browse I came across a beautiful font that fits my games aesthetic.[]=10&l[]=1

Kolquat Funky Bitm by I asked for permission to use the font and the creator, Kolja, said that was fine and asked me to credit it if possible, which I will of course do.

Loading the font as the default font for the game wasn't quite right, the buttons are to small for it to be nicely legible. So I've opted to add the font for each character - this doesn't feel like a very efficient method, I'll look into a better way to do this.

   define m = Character('Me', color="#808080", what_slow_cps=38, what_font="KolquatFunkyBitm.ttf")

Looks good for testing purposes. Here is a little example of the font which may become the credits screen later down the line:

The beautiful Kolquat Funky Bitm font
The beautiful Kolquat Funky Bitm font
Typewriter effect:
You can see in the small code snippet above "what_slow_cps=38" which I added as I couldn't get it to default to this in options.rpy - I had this problem last project, but not sure what the resolution was. I'm sure I'll find it again at some point, though this will work fine and as the cast is small won't get repeated lots.

From 1024x768 to 1280x720:
Started working on resizing my assets - I'm really glad I did the mobile test yesterday and I only have a few images to resize! If I'd have waited several weeks before testing the chances are I'd either not bother changing the resolution or I'd have a lot more work to do to resize everything.

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