Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 3 - coding in some bugs and working with audio in ren'py

Today my task is to code in the first few minutes of gameplay. While I have certainly added a fair bit to the project, it's still only a few seconds long, not minutes. On the plus side I have got some audio sorted.

I created a few sound fx and a background song a few weeks back, I'd saved them as mp3s. Ren'py recommends using the open format ogg for audio, which I agree is a good format to use. Using a free site I converted my mp3s to ogg (if quality is super important then starting with wavs would be a better way to go), then all that was needed was the code in the game script, e.g.:

    play music "act1-01.ogg"
    play sound "fx1.ogg"

I also made some working backgrounds which I may end up changing, a Sleepy Agents intro image and some other image assets for in-game notifications (though much of this likely won't make it to the game).

Sleepy Agents load up screen
Sleepy Agents load up first draft

I then coded in some bugs and got rid of them! This was trying to specify a new pixellate transition without reading the documentation!

Ren'Py Bug!
Bug 1

Ren'py bug!
Bug 2
Design 2 Tech 2 Bugs 2

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