Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 5 - Audio asset creating for games

Today my task is to 'Test FX and make more', I decided to spend some time creating some new audio files for use as sound effects.

Using a kids keyboard - the lovely casio sa-8 - and a mic (it has no audio out port!) I recorded a few sounds, which I then manipulated with Cubase - any audio editing software should be fine for working with the recordings.

Audio hardware set up
Audio hardware set up

Here is one of the sound fx I created using my sample and a lot of bitcrushing. I was really happy with the sound and it reminded me of a classic atari game - yars' revenge (

For this game I wanted to create some fx with abrasive qualities, by layering up similar but slightly out of time samples you can get some interesting resonance in the sound, which is one of the techniques I went for.

Also saving the files as 40kbps mp3s and then converting them to another lossy audio format (ogg) will hopefully give the fx an interesting digital abrasive nature.

A quick link to an inspiring documentary series about game music -

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