Friday, 14 August 2015

For Ambergris #SuNoFes Out Now !

So you may be wondering if I got my game finished on time for the SuNoFes deadline...

I did! (I know, I already spoiled that in the title...)

Here is the link to download:

For Ambergris ( A Sleepy Agents Game )
This one is a kinetic novel, there are some choices in there, but mostly these save your desicions for a possible sequel, prequel, sidequel... Sorry if that's weird or annoying!

The music is good! I did the first track and the other 5 tracks are by Urban Fox -

Let me know what you think to the story - it's just about 20 mins long if you were wondering - also what did you think to the Click-To-Continue indicator and the character thoughts dialogue box changing.

Made this with Ren'Py for the SuNoFes jam - check out the jam here:

It took me roughly 5 weeks, I did the writing, coding, sound fx and a lot of the art too. I used a few CC assets to help with things like backgrounds :)

All the credits are in the game but I will link to the backgrounds as they are the main resource - - thanks for these OokamiKasumi!

Any feedback send that to me on LSF @paradigmshifty or twitter @sleepyagents / @paradigmshifty or email if you like!


Monday, 3 August 2015

For Ambergris - Just a random update #sunofes

- 100% Script
- 40% Editing
- 90% BGs
- 75% Sprites
- 60% Music/audio
- 90% Coding

Wow I was getting worried, but after a decent amount of progress I'm sure I can get finished on time!
Android release may be released a little later than the pc/mac/linux version as I haven't prioritised any android testing so far.

I finished a sprite today which I am happy to use for this game jam game!
I'm quite pleased with the result - I have plenty of room for improvement (I started drawing about 14 months ago, a lot still to learn!)

For Ambergris "Cassidy" Sprite
For Ambergris "Cassidy" Sprite
I will write about drawing and other art topics at some point in the future in case it's at all helpful!