Thursday, 22 March 2018

Development Blog #7 - Departure Lounge - Finding fonts and deciding!

I used to sometimes look for fonts on a site called dafont. But I much rather use Google Fonts these days. I saw on a couple of occasions licenses on dafont which were different to licenses on other websites for the same font, which made me a little wary. Also, Google Fonts has a pretty good user interface.

The only thing I struggled with initially was finding a download button!
BTW you have to add your font to a selection and then open the selection which is where you find the download button, like this:

There are probably other ways to download fonts from Google Fonts, maybe!?

Anyway, what I tend to do is use the preview tools and the filters (for my title I wanted a font with serifs).

I ended up downloading way too many! Here are some I tried:

I just deleted the ones which I didn't think were quite what I was looking for.

Then I cut them down to the final four candidates!

In the end I went for the font that I liked the most before I even hit the download button. I have no idea if that is down to intuition or some kind of bias!

I'll reveal the font I decided on when I have a decent title screen ready to share!

Till next time!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Development Blog #6 - Departure Lounge - Progress so far month by month

I'm going to do shorter posts for the next couple of months, as I begin to plan out assets and all that exciting stuff!

Today I wanted to highlight what has been happening on the project since around last September:

September - I had a weird dream that formed a couple of ideas for the story! Also started to scribble notes in a notebook, some about plot and setting and more on characters.

October / Inktober - I drew some character concepts.

November / Nanowrimo - Wrote the first draft of the story which came out at around 13k words.

December - Refined the first draft. Some music work.

January - Started the second draft. More music work. (I started using FL Studio as my main music production software, so I had to adjust to the new workflow).

February - Lots more music. (Also I watched loads of the winter olympics which meant I had less time than usual!)

March - Oh, we're here, in the present. I still haven't finalised the second draft. But I have begun work on the visual concept. Trying out some GUI ideas and starting to make decisions on the art style. And more music!

That's all for now.
Till next time!