Sunday, 18 October 2015

d20 post updated, inktober and playing other VNs

Well I'll try to do a monthly post even if I don't have anything of interest to report!

I've been keeping myself fairly busy in October so far with #inktober - all of my inked drawings are getting posted on my personal twitter which is @paradigmshifty

Here's one for fun:

Inktober drawing
Also I've been playing at least 10mins of a new visual novel every day this month (a challenge suggested by @renpytom), some games have been amazing and some have randomly crashed part way through! It's great soaking up the decisions other developers have made in such an industrious way, it helps me question my own decisions.

Attention RPG fans! Hehe, just a quick note to say I have updated my popular (over one hundred page views!!) d20 in Ren'Py post : 

It actually has some examples now, which some may find useful.

Still doing concept work for a couple of games, I'm not going to rush into full development mode until I decide what I really want to work on! It's something I've learned from participating in a couple of game jams this year (NaNoRenO and SuNoFes) - once you start to feel a bit fatigued by the project you need something to pull you through to the end, for me that's been both the themes I wanted to explore and the impending jam deadlines!