Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 review post

I was planning to write a review of what I've done this year in the vague realm of game dev, but then I glanced at my last post, which summed up what I'd been doing from around september 18 to may 19 sort of time.

So, I'll talk about the other project I've worked on that I didn't mention last time around!


I made the soundtrack for Miseria by atpprojects. It was a lot of fun to work on, the settings and pacing of the game offered a lot of inspiration for the type of audio that I made. There's a mix of ambient and quite abrasive textures in the soundtrack, and I think sounds much better when experienced as part of the visual novel! So check it out if you like the sound of the game, it is free on itch.io

Also I did put the OST on my bandcamp, which can be found from my site http://sleepyagents.co.uk
Or just go straight there if you like - https://sleepyagents.bandcamp.com/

Since the last post I have also added 2 new classes to skillshare, here is one of those links that get you 2 months free and also gives me 10usd - https://skl.sh/2HkV5X2
They are also music production related.

That's it for this post. I hope to have some more game dev stuff to share in early 2020! Best place to find out is my twitter!

Friday, 31 May 2019

What has happened since my last blog post!?

OK, It's been a while since I posted here (like about a year). But that's not because I've done nothing!
It's just I tend to use twitter instead when I have some news to share.
Anyway, I wanted to do a quick update!

So, Departure Lounge, isn't really any further along, I struggled a bit getting the art style down. I haven't abandoned the project, I just haven't done much work on it :'D

I have however done a nanoreno game this year - https://sleepyagents.itch.io/seven-seasonings called Seven Seasonings. It's got a bit of trading and some dice rolls in it!

Recording the Predestined Time (by myself and amorphous) was released in Feb - https://amorphous.itch.io/recording - we spent some time fixing up the little things that needed fixing! (and I put the OST onto my bandcamp.)

Back in September '18 I made this https://sleepyagents.itch.io/sleepy-rhythm-machine - Sleepy Rhythm Machine, which is more of a toy than I game I guess.

So, that's the main Sleepy Agents news! I'm also doing lots of audio stuff, so I'll try to remember to post here a bit more frequently.

Finally, today I posted my first ever online course, which is on Skillshare, it's about programming drums for electronic music, and it's aimed at beginners, you can check it out here -  - if that sounds interesting to you! <3