Monday, 4 June 2018

Development Blog - Music All Month May - Departure Lounge

I didn't post a blog at all in May! Oh no.

Well, I did work on music pretty much all month. ♪ I thought about doing a more technical 'how-to' type blog post (related to music), but I think that can wait until after I've finished this game!

I have recently uploaded a couple of WiP pieces of music to my soundcloud: check em out! ♪

But they might be gone when you read this - if they are gone they've likely been replaced with more music for Departure Lounge, so either way you'll get to hear some music ^^

At the moment I am sort of feeling my way towards creating actually usable assets. I have some art concepts, scene sketches, lots of music in various states of completion, so during the next couple of months I'll very likely begin putting stuff in engine!

Perhaps I'll have some art or something more visual ready for my next blog post.

Till then :)