Thursday, 22 March 2018

Development Blog #7 - Departure Lounge - Finding fonts and deciding!

I used to sometimes look for fonts on a site called dafont. But I much rather use Google Fonts these days. I saw on a couple of occasions licenses on dafont which were different to licenses on other websites for the same font, which made me a little wary. Also, Google Fonts has a pretty good user interface.

The only thing I struggled with initially was finding a download button!
BTW you have to add your font to a selection and then open the selection which is where you find the download button, like this:

There are probably other ways to download fonts from Google Fonts, maybe!?

Anyway, what I tend to do is use the preview tools and the filters (for my title I wanted a font with serifs).

I ended up downloading way too many! Here are some I tried:

I just deleted the ones which I didn't think were quite what I was looking for.

Then I cut them down to the final four candidates!

In the end I went for the font that I liked the most before I even hit the download button. I have no idea if that is down to intuition or some kind of bias!

I'll reveal the font I decided on when I have a decent title screen ready to share!

Till next time!

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